After the huge success of our first conference in Seoul, we are very happy to announce that excitELT is bringing its innovative, audience-focused brand of conference to Tokyo.  

Date: 4th of June 2017

Location: Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Theme: Uncharted Territories

Cost:  $25 in advance. 3500 yen on the day. All profits from the conference will be split between providing ITDI scholarships and Educating Girls of Rural China. You can register here


It can be too easy for teachers to fall into a routine. We chose “Uncharted Territories” for the conference theme because we believe that stepping out into the unknown is essential in our profession. Uncharted territories might refer to new classroom techniques, new teaching contexts and new ideas.

The conference theme will also be manifested in the organisation of the conference. Not only is Tokyo an uncharted territory for excitELT as a location, but we'll also be pushing for a more social conference experience and experimenting how we run the conference itself with an aim to break down the presenter/audience divide. 

Timothy Hampson

Tim is a teacher, coffee lover, public speaking coach, and writer based in Shanghai having previously lived in Seoul. His teaching interests include public speaking and encouraging critical thinking. When he's not teaching he is trying to make the perfect cup of coffee. 


Anna Loseva

Anna Loseva is a Russian teacher of English in a university in Tokyo. She curates the iTDi Blog, writes (mostly about teaching and learning) on her own blog, and co-runs Reflective Practice Group in Tokyo. Other than that, Anna spends time reading, travelling, doing yoga, and learning more about sketchbook art.




Matthew Turner

Matthew W. Turner is a foreign language lecturer in the faculty of International Tourism Management at Toyo University, Japan. He has been teaching and living in Japan since 2009. Matthew holds an MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics from the University of Leicester as well as a DipTESOL. His current research interests include task-based language teaching, reflective practice, professional development, and language instruction to leaners with special educational needs. Matthew is a co-founder and co-presenter of The TEFLology Podcast, and writes blogs for iTDi.

Marc Jones

Marc Jones is a teacher in a junior high school, universities and at companies. He likes task-based learning and pronunciation. He is looking into working in fewer than five places.

excitELT was originally conceived as an experiment in ELT conferencing. It was conceived out of a love of ELT conferences and a desire to make them more accessible and participant centred. We made a concerted effort to invite speakers who were as diverse as the teachers in Korea; we made plenary speakers squeeze their best ideas into ten minute hard hitting presentation; our 50 minute workshops were hands on and interactive and we included demo lessons for teachers to get a rare chance to see some of the best teachers in Asia at work. 

The excitELT Seoul experiment was highly successful with lots of great attendee feedback. Lots of the feedback forms said "Please do another conference" and quite a few said "Please come to Japan." The reply was always "Yes, but only if we're doing something new". One year on, I'm happy to say we're coming to Tokyo and that we'll be bringing everything that worked in Seoul alongside new experiments.

We're very excited to announce that as a part of our call for sessions, you can apply to host a 'hangout' at the conference. Some of our best conference experiences have been the chats that happen between sessions; with hangouts, we want to encourage these interactions. These hangouts will be 45 minutes long and and based around a theme of your choosing. It could be a young learners hangout, an edtech, hangout, a women in ELT hangout or whatever interests you. You can tell us what you'd like to do in the hangout, but we're looking for hangouts that are audience focused and give teachers opportunities to meet and share with each other.


excitELT will be bringing some of the most interesting people in ELT from around Japan, Asia and the World. 

We'll be announcing more speakers in the near future, but confirmed speakers include: 

  • Chia Suan Chong
  • Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto
  • Mike Hogan
  • Ted O' Neill
  • John Fanselow

For more information see our confirmed speakers page.