We will be taking submission for four types of session: 

  1. Plenary: A ten minute espresso shot of a  presentation delivered to the whole conference. Accepted plenaries will have a clear idea that is of interest to the whole conference. 
  2. Workshop: 45 minute hands of hands on activities for teachers. Please make sure you are clear about how your workshop will be hands on. 
  3. Demo Class: A 45 minute class to show off your teaching techniques. For a successful application, make it clear what skills you want to demonstrate in this class.  
  4. Hangout: A 45 minute discussion on a specific topic led by you. We welcome hangouts that are only for specific groups in the ELT community, for example a non-native speakers in ELT that is only open to non-native speakers.

You can apply for up to three sessions.  

The deadline for the call for sessions is the 14th of April 2017.


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